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Toward a Large Scale Model of Language Comprehension in ACT-R 6 (2007, 6 pages): the most current short description of Double R Model
A Cognitively Plausible Model of Language Comprehension (2004, 12 pages) : a description of the model which focuses on issues of cognitive plausibility.
Integrating ACT-R and CYC in a large-scale model of language comprehension for use in intelligent agents : a description of an attempt to integrate CYC assertions into Double R Model
Double R Model (2003, 19 pages) : a short description of Double R Model which focuses on some of the representational and processing commitments of Double R Grammar and Double R Process and provides a processing example.
Double R Theory Summary Paper (2003, 70 pages): an extended discussion of Double R Theory which covers Double R Grammar, Double R Process, and Double R Model