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Double R Theory

Double R Grammar is a linguistic theory of the grammatical encoding and integration of referential and relational meaning in English. Double R Grammar is fundamentally a Cognitive Linguistic theory and the use of the term "grammar" encompasses meaning, function and structure as it does in Cognitive Grammar. Double R Grammar is also compatible with linguistic approaches described as Construction Grammars.

The current description of Double R Grammar is provided by
Double-R Grammar: A Computational Cognitive Grammar of English (2015, large HTML document with multiple sections)
Toward a Logical Description of Double-R Grammar (2015, 106 pages)
A Computational Model of Tense, Voice & Aspect (2010, 29 pages)
Projecting Grammatical Features in Nominals, Cognitive Theory and Computational Model (2009, 49 pages)
A Bi-Polar Theory of Nominal and Clause Structure and Function (2007, 23 pages)

Double R Process is a cognitive linguistic theory of the processing of English text into Double R Grammar based representations. Double R Process is a highly interactive, construction-driven theory of language processing. Lexical items in the linguistic input activate constructions which get selected for integration with the evolving representation. The language processing system combines a serial, pseudo-deterministic processing mechanism for building linguistic representations with a mechanism of context accommodation capable of making modest adjustments to the evolving representation. The serial, pseudo-determinstic mechanism operates over a parallel, probabilistic mechanism which selects between competing constructions, but does not build any representations.

The current description of Double R Process is provided by
A Pseudo-Deterministic Model of Human Language Processing (2011, 6 pages)
Context Accommodation in Human Language Processing (2010, 12 pages)
Construction-Driven Language Processing (2006, 6 pages)

Double R Model is a computational cognitive implementation of Double R Process using the Adaptive Control of Thought – Rational (ACT-R) cognitive architecture and modeling environment. Double R Model is intended to validate the representation and processing commitments of Double R Theory and to form the basis for the development of large-scale, functional language processing systems. The current implementation includes ~1050 productions and ~58,000 lexical items.

Originator: Jerry T. Ball, PhD
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